Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Time and again, this saying has held its ground. Time and again, our vision has accounted for some of the most spectacular creations. Vision. Our ability to see, perceive, behold. The gift of our eye. Eyes that perceive not only what is without, but also what lies within – the peace, the beauty, the tranquility that is so close, yet so elusive. And so, our search goes on. Relentlessly. Endlessly. Its like going around in circles that throw forth surprise anew. Beautiful, exotic surprises, that often leave us over – awed, gasping for breath.

This seamlessness and endlessness of the circle of life has inspired Bengal Shrachi Group and the creative genius of architect Ajoy Chowdhury to gift Kolkata an architectural splendour of the kind the city hasn’t yet set her sights on – The “Greenwood Park Extension”. Complementing its sylvan settings, “Greenwood Park Extension” comes up to break the monotony of the matchbox flats that have become a passé. Breaking away from the accepted mould, Extension stands out with its “Emerald Isle Extension”, the HIG phase which rise up in pair of splendid cylindrical towers that are a sight to behold. It is what you have always worked for – a home to match you, and more.

Accompanying the HIG phase is also MIG phase – “Palm Grove Extension” and LIG phase – “Purple Town Extension”.

Located into the pristine beauty of New Town, out of the meandering alleys of Kolkata, promises to be your route to temperate placidity, each day, everyday, as you settle down in this urban hamlet adjacent to Salt Lake on one end and existing Rajarhat at the other.

Easy accessibility to metropolitan Kolkata, in close proximity to the upcoming business hub that is Salt Lake today and a mere 10 minutes from Bidhan Nagar Railway Station makes “Greenwood park Extension” akin to a well connected virgin island, as yet unexplored but brimming with endless possibilities. With Dum Dum Metro Station just 20 minutes away and Airport only7 minute’s distance, convenience seems like a euphemism for “Greenwood Park Extension” and traffic nightmares a distant possibility.


Shrachi Greenwood Park Extension

  • BA Block(Newtown), Action Area 1B, Newtown,
    Kolkata, West Bengal 700156

  • 033-49844984

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