Altair is special because it is an opportunity in boldness. One tower of Altair was made to lean on the other to maximize the infiltration of the sun and the sea and take advantage of Colombo’s wonderfully maritime climate.

What makes Altair special is its Diagrid structure – a basket with a permeable surface for large windows and openings providing an access to balconies on the one hand and an intriguing geometry that will make this building unique across the city’s skyline.

These are some things that make Altair unique: it faces the wonderful Beira Lake that provides some of the most stunning views in the city. Imagine looking out from the 63th floor sky garden. An ethereal delight combining the best of the sun, sky, sea and city. Altair’s exuberant form speaks the language of hanging gardens and I have no doubt that it will emerge as the landmark of a new Colombo.


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Shrachi Altair

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