For years, we have unwittingly dedicated our lives to the box. We work inside little boxes in office, return home to our little concrete boxes, and even think inside imaginary boxes. Why do we do it? The answer is rather simple, we do it because we know of no other way. We close ourselves up in our brick and mortar boxes and as we tuck ourselves in our beds, we hope that there will come a time when all this will change. Thankfully, that time has come. Here’s your chance to live out of the box. Greenwood Elements was designed to help you break out of your little box and breathe freely. And no, it’s not just a bigger box. Greenwood Elements is a residential complex that comes as a breath of fresh air compared to the little cubby holes that have cropped up around every corner in the city. Its ingenious design allows easy air?ow and plenty of sunlight for every home. The verdant green plot accompanied by the gentle southern breeze ensures that there is no place in your home for stress and tension. And with a wide array of apartments to choose from, there is a home for every budget. So, go ahead, turn the page, and enter the world of out of the box living.

Flat Type Flat Price ₹
3 BHK 1.05 Cr



  • Floor Plan

Amenities and Facilities


Shrachi Greenwood Elements

  • Behind City Center II, AA II, Action Area IID,
    Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 700156

  • 033-49844984

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