Attrition is a problem hounding the BPO and ITES industries today. And research shows that a relaxed and pleasant environment is what makes an employee tick. One day as Bikram Dasgupta pondered over the issue of redefining life at work, he walked into Pradeep Sureka’s office and shared his concept.

Pradeep Sureka developed his thoughts, shared them with Rahul Todi of Shrachi Group, who fully engaged in the ideation process-leading to the birth of Globsyn Crystals. The rest is the story of two top infrastructure builders joining hands with Bikram Dasgupta of the Globsyn Group to form an unbeatable team. A team working to build an attrition-free environment designed to generate smiles.


Shrachi Globsyn Crystals (Ofc)

  • XI – 11 & 12, Block EP Sector V, Saltlake
    Saltlake Electronics Complex, Kolkata 700 091

  • 033-49844984

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